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FWPC offers a full range of climate change utilization services, including:

• Leisure Opportunities
• Real Estate
• Architectural Planning
• Alternative Transportation
• Civil Engineering
• Insurance
• Consultancy

FWPC will be undertaking a number of projects featuring the following climate change adaptation strategies:

• Managed Coastal Realignment
• Adaptive Architectures
• Floating and Amphibious Homes
• Integrated, Climate-friendly Design Solutions
• Land Reclamation
• Stilted Buildings

Case Study Preview
As part of its commitment towards developing climate change adaption strategies, FWPC is planning the redevelopment of Stuyvesant Town, New York City.
It is hoped this area will benefit from the many services and projects provided by FWPC, becoming a showcase neighborhood for the many others under threat from rising sea levels, and creating a futuristic, waterproof neighborhood that all inhabitants can enjoy – and that will inspire the world.

Click here to see Stuyvesant Town on Google Map
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